We’re hosting our first family holiday dinner tomorrow so that’s exciting.

Rocking almost 30 Friday night:

Reading up on how to eradicate earwigs in the garden

Thanks to my grandma for sitting me down this weekend and letting me know that “30 was the birthday where she felt the oldest” I’ve gone from being excited about this birthday to realizing that *things* aren’t happening anytime soon and I’m probably having a little breakdown here so move along

I got glistened again tonight and had a brain fog episode in the mall. And now I feel completely drained and like an emotional wreck and I forgot how bad this is

I have a final at 6:30 and we’re definitely going to get stuck in rush hour/rain traffic. Cool!

Took this guy up to my favourite view today and spent a lot of time talking about why the #habs are the best

Took this guy up to my favourite view today and spent a lot of time talking about why the #habs are the best

We went for brunch today with the family I nannied for. The 5 yr old I left is now 12 and so polite. The parents made mimosas and we chatted for 3 hours and it was perfect and I am so happy

I’m coming back from grandma’s with fur coats because I don’t know how to say no

My grandma means well, but the soup she made for lunch also definitely had gluten in it (I ate a spoonful and realized it so basically I now just feel like I have the flu).

We’re here to decide what we want from her house because she’s moving… And she’s so generous but I also feel weird asking for things.

I’m not in a great work headspace today. Most days I can make it through but today is going to be a put your head down and attempt to not talk because you’ll regret it kind of day

Got my hair did today!

Got my hair did today!

B’s work is having him go to Chi-Town on my bday so we’re going to go together!  And celebrate my bday with my famjam!  

I know we are all tired every day but this day… I have an exhaustion headache and I literally might fall asleep at my desk

I put B in charge of planning my bday party.  All I know i when it is happening.  I don’t know if I regret giving up control, but I do know that I feel entirely too lazy to plan it.